BostonAR is a nonprofit augmented reality accelerator. Our mission is to build the frontier technology ecosystem in Boston, grow a meaningful community, and enable startups to succeed. It is my belief that no matter what you do, community is important. Life is fuller when we have people with whom to overcome our defeats and also share the joy of our wins.

We build our community in 3 ways: hosting meetups, organizing hackathons, and partnering on conferences. Our monthly meetups are where people come together to try new things and get inspired. We build on that inspiration with hackathons, where we offer opportunities to build something using the newest AR technology. We then give people a platform to present by partnering with other organizations on conferences and events.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, software developer, designer, musician, athlete, entrepreneur, gamer, or anything else, we welcome you to come to join the BostonAR community and share your love of technology with others.


Neil Gupta

Founder, BostonAR